Requirement – SudoRange offers comprehensive cybersecurity training for Defence personnel worldwide to address the skills gap and equip soldiers with the necessary skills to counter state nation threats.

Justification – With the ever-evolving landscape of cyber threats, it is essential that Defence organisations maintain a cutting-edge cybersecurity posture. A significant global skills gap can be addressed through extensive training for service personnel. SudoCyber’s Accelerated Training Platform is poised to narrow this gap by providing the chance to enhance skills and knowledge through gamified learning, ultimately elevating the cybersecurity resilience of Defence organizations.

SudoRange offers a unique approach to supporting delivery of topics from across the cyber domain. Through this unique and always available platform, learners can gain, practice and test their knowledge and skills through secure real-world lab environments in structured Courses and objectives. All progress can be monitored throughout the learning process and self exploration is encouraged using the Range area, allowing personnel to not only learn prescribed content but also explore associated areas of study.

SudoRange has been utilized to host capture the flag (CTF) exercises during various training scenarios including the Cambrian Patrol. As well as delivering tailored accredited training courses for specialist units across all Defence branches.

Sudo for Defence


Proven Success

Supporting various Defence branches with a proven track record of delivering comprehensive and  impactful training exercises.

EC Council Accredited

Delivering EC Council accredited training courses including Digital Forensic Essentials and Network Defence Essentials.

Tailored Content

Unit specified scenarios with relatable threat training and analysis.

No Assumed Level of Knowledge

Seamless integration of learning materials alongside exercises promoting hands-on inclusive learning at all levels.

DSAT Aligned

Trackable analysis, training assurance & governance function in line with DSAT regulation.


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