SudoRange offers a unique approach to supporting delivery of topics from across the cyber domain.  Through this unique and always available platform, learners can gain, practice and test their knowledge and skills through secure real-world lab environments in structured Courses and objectives.

All progress can be monitored throughout the learning process and self exploration is encouraged using the Range area. The jeopardy style capture the flag Competitions area allows you to show off your newly acquired skills and knowledge by competing against peers and professionals from around the world.

Sudo for Individuals


Enhance your Knowledge

Explore a wide range of cyber topics and learn at your own pace

Compete on a Global Scale

Join a global community of cyber enthusiasts and show off your skills

Gain Accredited Certification

Earn recognised certification and accreditation in cyber specific topics

Neurodiverse Learning

Diverse selection of lab environments to help learners of all abilities

Gamified Platform

Learn real-world skills and knowledge in a fun, safe and engaging format


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