Our Mission.

To make learning cyber security fun, engaging and accessible to all through promoting the acquisition of real-world skills via gamified learning.

How We Do It.

Structure learning through industry recognised course.

Unstructured challenges to encourage lifelong learning and skills refresh.

Competitions to engage and recognise talent and expertise in the community.

Through our SudoRange learners are able to practice and learn new skills in the format that suits them best in pseudo real-world environments. Our platform is the perfect playground for experts and beginners, offering varied levels of difficulty while learning or practicing skills from across the cyber domain.

We are also able to offer in-person training courses for that added push in the right direction or to assist with environment specific needs such as bespoke software and hardware.

Meet the Team.

Our innovative and unique approach to learning is all down to our diverse & dynamic team.

From serving military personnel, to key content creators and developers, everybody brings a unique and valued perspective and knowledge set that enriches the way we do things.

We are constantly learning from each other, and the passion to grow and learn is what drives our ability to create such a unique learning tool that will grow with you.

Meet our Team