Guided learning experiences through accredited courses


About Sudo Courses

Sudo Courses offer a guided learning experience, assisting you in achieving your goals while acquiring skills and knowledge in all underlying areas before progressing to the next level of the course.

Through our unique approach, course participants can navigate through each course in a manner that best suits their learning style, with two views to choose from:





Section View:

This view breaks down a course into topic-based sections, providing a unique way to learn while visualizing how these topics fit into the larger picture.

Each topic is divided into our three-phased learning modules, enabling participants to work through the ‘Concepts’, ‘Techniques’, and ‘Countermeasures’ involved.







Lab View:


For those who already understand how knowledge fits in or are interested in learning new skills, the Lab View offers a straightforward user journey. This view allows participants to progress through an ordered list of labs contained in the course.

Whatever your preference, our approach ensures that you will not only gain valuable skills and knowledge of how to perform a task but also understand how this fits in and explore foundational and advanced concepts to assist with when and where these new skills and knowledge should be applied.




Get Certified

Through our well placed partnership with Cyber Wales, Sudo Cyber is able to offer our users an easy way to access EC-Council certifications including the below.




As well as enabling our members to undertake EC-Council certification exams via Pearson Vue Testing Centres, we also offer courses to help members prepare for certification through a structured collection of labs.

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Sudo Courses offer a guided learning experience, helping you to achieve your goals while gaining skills and knowledge in all underlying areas before continuing to the next level of the course.


The Sudo Range offers a playground for learning and practicing your skills in all areas of cyber. For that reason, you will find a variety of labs in the range covering a wide selection of difficulties, topics and skills.


Whether you are looking to better understand your existing teams, find new talent or simply organise a fun and engaging experience for your staff/students our competitions can help you achieve your goals.