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About Sudo Labs

Whether you learn better by reading, listening, or doing, our diverse range of lab types will help you maximise your learning potential. Filter your lab types to make the most of your learning experience:

  • Difficulty: Comfortably build on your skills and knowledge. Work through challenges increasing in difficulty as you go.
  • Topics: Select common topics and follow labs to understand how knowledge and skills in a specific discipline fit together.
  • Skills: Hone specific abilities and demonstrate your skill set in a given area.
  • Search: Directly search the range for the knowledge area, tool, skill, or difficulty you are looking for.




Visual Labs

Visual learners tend to learn better through reading or imagery. They are able to picture what they are learning in their mind, so using visual materials to absorb information helps maximise their learning potential. If you are a visual learner, you may want to try out these lab types:

  • Resource Labs: Largely theory-based, resource labs help you understand the underlying knowledge and concepts around a variety of cyber topics.
  • Tool Specific Labs: Focusing on specific tools and techniques, such as CyberChef or Python Programming, Tool Labs are practical in nature.


Read/ Writing Labs

Read/Write learners are stronger with reading notes, handouts, or textbooks. These learners make good use of reference materials and rely on literature they can visit and reread until the information is retained. If you are a read/write learner, you may want to check out our programming labs:

  • Programming Labs: Scripting and programming knowledge is key for both offensive and defensive technical cyber roles. Our programming labs offer a remote environment for you to safely practice your coding skills without time consuming setup or debugging.




Auditory Labs

Auditory learners absorb information most effectively by listening. Thanks to our updated accessibility features, all of our lab reading materials can now be dictated through our text to speech feature.

Adjust the tone, pitch, speed and volume, and pick your preferred voice from our generous library of speakers of varying accents and gender to truly tailor your learning experience.


Practical Labs

Tactile or kinesthetic learners learn by “doing”. Active participation and experimentation play to their strengths, making our practical-based labs perfect environments to maximize their potential:

  • Remote Labs: Provide you with complete desktop and network environments including Kali, Ubuntu, Windows, PaloAlto, and more where you can learn and practice skills in real-world scenarios and environments.
  • Game Labs: Provide a fun and interactive way of learning and assessing your understanding and comprehension of various cyber and IT topics through the use of gamified challenges.


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